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Amazing skies reunited in one collection

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Amazing skies reunited in one collection

Amazing Skies collection by Eduardo J. Accorinti

If you took a look at my images, you probably noticed that I usually try to incorporate skies in them as much as I can. My photography relies a lot on skies, and that is mainly because they are part of me, of what I am.

Skies tell me about so many things. There is just one sky, but at the same time so many different ones. They tell me about drama, magic, happiness, hope and dreams, to say just a couple of things. They are able to boost the good feelings and emotions of a particular moment.

When I'm in front of an amazing sky, I feel like I want to touch the clouds, to become one with them and watch everything from above.

Plus I have something else with the skies, specially with the ones that are part of a landscape scene. Landscapes and gorgeous skies together bring memories of past moments back to my mind. Memories that have nothing to do with the landscapes themselves except for one thing: they are magical in some way. So skies are also nostalgic for me. And as I said, they make me think about hope too. I feel so good when I´m in front of such scenes, that I can´t avoid to relive moments in which I felt that good, or to think about a future that can make me feel that way too.

So we could say everything revolves around an element: magic. The magic of the places we visit, the moments we live, the people we meet. All that magic is connected.

These are some of the reasons why skies are so important for my photography. Hopefully what you just read makes any sense and you can relate with it to some extent.

For the same reasons, I created this collection, which includes all of my images showcasing amazing skies, no matter the location, no matter the situation. I thought it was a good idea since skies are that meaningful for me. Feel free to take a look at them! And remember that they are available as prints to bring some magic to your rooms.

I hope you enjoyed this entry! Don´t forget to leave your comments below, I would like to know your opinions and thoughts. Do you love the sky too? How does it make you feel? What does it mean for you, and if you´re an artist, for your artworks? Whether you want to answer one of these questions or tell me anything else, whatever it is, I´m looking forward to reading your comments.

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Thank you for reading!

Have a great day,