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Landscape print showcasing patagonian raspberry farmlands in Argentina

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Landscape print showcasing patagonian raspberry farmlands in Argentina

Landscape print - Patagonian Farmlands by Eduardo Accorinti

Link: http://eduardojoseaccorinti.com/featured/patagonian-farmlands-eduardo-jose-accorinti.html?product=art-print

I love landscapes. They're not something I can have in front of my camera everyday. As you can see on my images, I have mostly visited urban places until now, which I love too of course. But with landscapes, it's different. For some reason, despite them being beautiful and magical by themselves, they make me relive good moments of my life, moments that have nothing to do with landscapes, so they are kind of nostalgic for me. They also tell me about hope and happiness, drama and dreams. I guess it must be a conjunction of many things that come into play. Every single element in a landscape plays its role here. The elements, the colors, the sky, they shape the mood that will lead our souls to the final feelings.

This is an image taken in El Bolsón, a Picturesque city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina. It's part of the region called patagonia, which is a land of beautiful landscapes, mainly green, with mountains, lakes, forests and rivers.

A city that is often visited by tourists is San Carlos de Bariloche (most known as simply Bariloche), from where they head to other beautiful nearby places through daily excursions / trips.

El Bolsón is one of those places. It is a small city surrounded by mountains. There you can visit the local fairs and church, as well as the Farmlands you see in this image, which are a bit away from the city (just a bit) and are part of a jam factory that is right next to them. The factory is usually visited by tourists, who can take free samples of LOTS of different jams and buy the ones they like. If they want, of course!

There is also a beer factory a couple of meters away from there that you can visit and where you´ll get some background on the factory's history.

You can see the sign with the word "frambuesa" in this image, which is the Spanish word for raspberry. The lines of the Farmlands lead us to the majestic landscape in the distance. A beautiful sky accompanies the scene.

I hope you love this image as I loved being in front of this scene and capturing it with my camera. Remember that if you want to receive my latest updates and promotions, you can subscribe to my newsletter. No spam, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Visit my collection of images of the Argentine patagonia to discover more scenes of this beautiful place: http://eduardojoseaccorinti.com/collections/argentine+patagonia

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