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My best deal to date

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My best deal to date

Yesterday I created this blog post to inform you about several important discounts for these days: http://eduardojoseaccorinti.com/blogs/free-shipping-and-several-discounts-for-november-and-december.html

Today and for the next three days, you get the best deal I´ve created to date by far: To complement the free shipping on U.S. orders, I´m offering three of my best images as big stretched canvas prints (40"x50" and 50"x40") at only $175 each. If you are on the U.S., this is the final price, and that´s just amazing. Actually no, it´s not the final price, because you can subscribe to my newsletter for an additional $20 discount. So you can get any of these images at $155.

I think you´ll like the images I´ve picked for you. I won´t spoil the surprise, see for yourself by following the links:




Remember: The offer for these canvas prints applies to any destination in the world and ends on November 28, but the free shipping is for U.S. only and ends on November 26.

I hope you love this deal and the images. If you ask me, I love the black and white landscape, it´s one of my favorites!

To see the calendar for the other upcoming promotions, visit my previous blog post: http://eduardojoseaccorinti.com/blogs/free-shipping-and-several-discounts-for-november-and-december.html

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Thank you for reading, and have a blessed weekend,