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Things to do and places to go when visiting Venice, the fragment of a dream

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Things to do and places to go when visiting Venice, the fragment of a dream

Venice is a beautiful place that I truly loved visiting. It´s one of those corners on earth where time seems to be frozen, and if that by itself is already magical, just imagine it combined with italian architecture and canals all around, being them the main roads of the city. Voila, dreams in the air. If you are like me and would happily grab a time machine to travel to the past, plus you want an extra touch of magic and romance for your journey, Venice is the perfect place to go. I´ve been there for two days only, but that was more than enough to fall in love with the city. I had fallen in love with it before actually going anyway. I knew beforehand I was going to love it.

Keep in mind this is not an extensive guide or anything like that, just a couple of tips on where to go and what to see, specially if you have a tight schedule. Also note that I´m not a native speaker so I can make some mistakes, and if by any chance you want to tell me about any mistakes I make here, I don´t have any problems with that. Actually, I encourage you to do that in comments, since that would be very useful to me.

Gondola ride
This was the very first thing to do in Venice for me. If you want to experience that venetian mood on its best, you really need to take a gondola ride here. The gondolier will happily take you through the narrow Canals of the city while you´re surrounded by the picturesque old buildings. Tall walls full of memories. At some points, it will be only you, hearing the sound of the water and breathing the stories in the air. And if you can take this ride at night, I bet it must be absolutely magical. I haven´t done it at night, but I can get the idea, since I´ve seen people doing it, navigating through desert Canals illuminated by a couple of old lamps, enjoying the mood. If I ever go back (and I hope I do), I´ll definitely do this at night.

Rialto bridge and Grand Canal
The Rialto is the most famous bridge of the city, the oldest of the four that are on the Grand Canal. Beautiful and absolutely worth seeing, plus from there you will get some of the most iconic views of the Grand Canal while you admire the buildings that surround it and watch the water traffic: boats, vaporettos, water taxis, gondolas and so on. Plus, you´ll get some amazing shots from there!

Ponte dell'Accademia
Another one of the most famous bridges in the city. You´ll get amazing and, again, iconic views from it, and you´ll be able to see Santa Maria della Salute, a famous, picturesque Roman Catholic church. If you visit this bridge at sunset, you´ll definitely find yourself in front of an amazing scene, and you will have quite a chance to get some extraordinary shots with your camera or mobile pone.

Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square)
The main public square of Venice. Here you´ll find the famous St Mark's Basilica, a majestic piece of architecture that is worth admiring and where you can enter if you want. Next to it is the bell tower, and I definitely recommend you to get inside it and go up on the elevator. From there you´ll get amazing aerial views of the whole city. But be prepared, since you can find yourself in the middle of a group of giant bells ringing right on your ear. And believe me, it´s a little bit loud! A great experience, if you ask me. Specially when you don´t expect it, and I didn´t. I hope you don´t mind the spoiler!

San Giorgio Maggiore church
I haven´t had the time to go inside this renaissance church, one of the most famous in the city, if not the most. But even if you can´t get inside for whatever the reason, you definitely need to admire with your own eyes that iconic view from the docks of the city, with gondolas in the foreground and this church in the distance. And it´s pretty sure you´ll do it because that is a view right from the docks of St Mark´s Square, next to the Basilica and the bell tower.

Burano and Murano
You definitely want to visit these two magical islands if you go to Venice. You can take the vaporetto from Fondamenta Nuove or San Zaccaria in Venice, and you will be in Murano in around 30 minutes. Burano is just a couple of minutes from there. It is a very enjoyable experience with many scenic views. In Murano, you can visit the Glass Factories around the city, and you should do it by all means, because you can´t go there and not see the masters of the glass doing their art. It´s an amazing spectacle, and if you don´t believe it, just watch some videos on the internet. To me, it´s absolutely amazing. Of course the journey doesn´t end there, as both islands are beautiful and pretty similar to Venice, but different at the same time. I can´t say too much about Murano because I haven´t had the chance to go and just seen it from the vaporetto on my way to Burano, as well as in many photographs, but if I ever go back to Venice, I´ll visit Murano for sure. Regarding Burano, this island is known by its colorful buildings that you will see all over the place. The same magic you´ll find in Venice is here too. The picturesque houses with hanging clothes, connected by Canals and bridges, are a delight for the eyes. The main difference is that the constructions are more modern and that the island is a festival of colors, and vivid colors. The buildings are blue, red, orange, pink, green, and if that alone doesn´t seem to be good enough for you to visit the island, believe me, it is. If you aren´t sure just yet, hopefully I can make you change your mind with my images. I invite you to take a look at my gallery of Burano to see what I´m talking about

Go for a walk at night
The romance of Venice is multiplied at night. It´s just another thing. Everything gets powered. The magic, the nostalgic feeling in the air, the feeling that you have traveled in time for real. It´s just something that you don´t want to miss.

Get lost in the city
I think that this is one of the most important tips to consider when visiting Venice. And it´s the easiest to forget too, especially nowadays. If it was common to take a map before, now it´s even more common thanks to the facilities offered by our mobile phones. But when you are in Venice, take a moment to save your map in your pockets at some point, and just walk. Walk around, take the path that seems more picturesque, the alley that seems more mysterious, the one with dozens of hanging clothes, the narrowest street, the oldest bridge, come back a few steps if you find a dead end, walk until you have completely lost every single trace of notion of where you are, of time and place, and then keep walking. Then, after a while, you want to make sure you have the map you had saved in your pocket!

If you´re not sure about visiting Venice, I invite you to take a look at my gallery. As I said, hopefully I can make you change your mind with my images. When I created them, I did my best to convey what I felt when I was there. I try to make them fragments of magic and dreams, pieces of romance and nostalgia, more than just images. And if you want to have one of those images, they are available for you as prints, framed or not, with multiple options of frames and materials. They are also available to be printed on several home decor and general use items such as coffee mugs, spiral notebooks, phone cases, shower curtains, throw pillows and many more. Plus you´ll get a $20 discount code if you subscribe to my newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time, and you don´t need to worry, you´ll only receive e-mails when I have something important to share.

I like to think that I offer not just images, but as I said, fragments of dreams and magic. So what you can have hanging on your wall or lying on your coach is exactly that, a fragment of a dream. Hopefully you like my images as much as I enjoy creating them. You are welcome to tell me what you think about this post, about my images or about anything you want in comments. You can do so in the box below.

Thank you for reading this, and have a good life!

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