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Wall tapestries, now available for your rooms

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Wall tapestries, now available for your rooms

Wall tapestries for your rooms by Eduardo J. Accorinti

Link: http://eduardojoseaccorinti.com/collections/all+my+images/tapestries

I'm glad to announce that my images are now available as wall tapestries for your home or office decoration! These are some big news. These tapestries are a unique and beautiful way to give your walls a touch of magic. And a huge plus: they are also very affordable, even in big sizes!

Feel free to browse my collection of wall tapestries! Remember that you can always customize them to suit your needs, as with my other products. They are available in three different sizes, and you can change the position and size of the image to adapt your tapestry, as well as its background color (if applicable).

I really like this new addition, I´m loving the tapestries. Even though their proportions are not the same as those of my original images (which in most cases happens with all my other products except for prints anyway), they still look gorgeous. When I activated them for sale, I adapted my images to their proportions, but again, you can customize yours as you please. Feel free to browse my images and choose the perfect scene for your home or office decoration.

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